Psychic Reading Prices: $50 for a half hour or $80 for an hour. 

Magical Coaching Sessions Prices: $50 for a half hour or $80 for an hour.

Mediumship Readings $50 for a half hour session only

To schedule an appointment for either a Psychic Reading, Magical Coaching, or Mediumship Reading  please e-mail me at: 

Once we have simultaneously confirmed the appointment, payment must be made immediately to secure the slot, otherwise, your appointment slot will be assigned to another.  I do not send payment reminders!

For Media Interviews, Seminars, and Workshops, please e-mail me at:

Miss Aida
Detroit, Michigan

Please note that I am located in the Eastern Time Zone.

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"Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it. "
Anais Nin
Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch's puppy with newspaper

Miss Aida witch hoodoo psychic


Miss Aida, witch, hoodoo spellcraft and spellwork practitioner