Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch with her dog

My Story

"Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Miss Aida

Author Witch Psychic

I was born into a family with a deep history of spiritual work. Many of my family practiced Santeria, Palo, Brujeria, or a combination of all three.

Around two years old, spirits began to come to visit me and we would chat. It seemed very natural and, therefore, nothing unusual. As the years passed, these "unannounced" chats gradually diminished, but the presence of spirits has always been made very clear to me. I was once carried over a bus that would have hit me (with witnesses!). I have been saved from an impending plane crash, and have experienced other wonderful events!

My mother was from a small town on the island of Cuba. Her mother was a Santera and her brothers were Paleros. My mother's childhood friends were all Afro-Cuban Witches, and as a Bruja (Witch) herself, she practiced magic all the time. Growing up, all these people had taught me how to readily fix problems through magic. To me, it was just a way of life-- which I thought was normal for everybody in the world!

Additionally, I am Catholic, and an initiated into Palo and Santeria.

There was a time that I was conflicted about magic versus Catholicism, but eventually, it all came together: God answers me when I pray to him. The saints answer me and grant me my petitions. Then, it came to me -- Santeria: The veneration of saints! I had an epiphany that everybody else knew for centuries! We NEVER stop learning.

In Santeria, spiritual masses (“Misas Espiritual”) are frequently conducted and I love them! We pray and pray while performing other summoning rituals. I am always one of the first who spirits identify and contact.  It is a wonderful experience because I am helping the spirits talk to the living and vice-versa.

Usually, Spirits will approach me if they have an important message. Otherwise, I will summon them - and they will answer. I have been identified by numerous Santeros, Witches, and psychics as a "natural born medium" and a natural intuitive. Card reading came to me naturally as well.

As a hoodoo practitioner, I possess a complete and well-rounded base in my knowledge and spirituality of hoodoo and conjure. I have studied intensively under and with various and esteemed rootworkers and hoodoo ​practitioners for many years and have contributed regularly to the Lucky Mojo forums. As a former administrator on the Lucky Mojo forum, I wrote over 16,000 posts in response to a variety of Hoodoo related questions on various topics.

I am fluent in both English and Spanish. My specialties are spiritual eradication; spiritual cleanings; establishing spiritual protection, crossing, cursing, and break-up work. I also help clients with success spells, road opening, animal and pet health matters, bindings, attraction and love work, and the making of novenas.

Miss Aida, witch, hoodoo spellcraft and spellwork practitioner