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Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch scales
Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch border
Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch scales
Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch and her puppy

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Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch scales
Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch scales

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Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch scales
 With over 40 years of practice, I am dedicated to doing my best so that you are able to get what you need and deserve.   


Miss Aida witch hoodoo psychic

Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch scales

Known for her aggressive execution of both negative and positive spells, Miss Aida is acknowledged by thousands as a “No Nonsense Spellcaster.” Her books, the successful Cursing and Crossing and the groundbreaking classic Destroying Relationships have earned her the reputation as the “Queen of Cursing, Crossing and Break-ups,” and she implements the same strategies with all of her spells. As Miss Aida says, “GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT!”

Born into a family with a long and vast history of spiritual practices including Santeria, Brujeria, Palo, and more, her indoctrination cemented the principles that while performing spell work, be vigorous, persistent and forceful in order to enhance the chances of attaining the desired manifestations. If you would like a glimpse into the past of Miss Aida’s tutelage, visit the Blog link on this website and take a look at the entry titled, “Your Attitude.” This little story will give you an idea of both her training and how she believes spells ought to be performed!

Being a nurse, Miss Aida realized that skull candles can be manipulated as one would the human brain. Her innovative work in this area can be found in her book, Cursing and Crossing: Hoodoo Spells to Torment, Jinx, and take Revenge on Your Enemies. Thanks to Miss Aida’s research and practice in this area many thousands have learned to perform skull candle spells with greater effectiveness.

Miss Aida’s personal code of honor, which is of utmost importance to her, consists of being ETHICAL and having STRONG moral principles. Honesty and forthrightness guide Miss Aida’s conduct at all times.

Miss Aida’s magical history consists of numerous spiritual initiations and being privy to secrets of other paths. She is also a certified rootworker and hoodoo practitioner. From a very young age, many Witches, Santeros, Babalawos and Paleros have identified her as a “Natural Born Medium.”

Her respect and honor extend to ALL spiritual practices, religions and beliefs from around the world. When clients from various cultures or belief systems contact Miss Aida for assistance, it is her honor to learn from them as well. As Miss Aida has said for decades, “We never stop learning. Life is, after all, a learning experience!”

Miss Aida is a Christian, an Air Force veteran, a Registered Nurse, and holds a Master’s Degree. Her mother was from Cuba and her father from Greece. She is a passionate animal lover who once spent three weeks in the Kalahari Desert working with and studying wild animals and their pack behaviors. Her German Shepherd dogs have been titled in the sport of Schutzhund BUT still run her household!

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Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch scales

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Miss Aida, the Hoodoo witch scales

Miss Aida 

Miss Aida, witch, hoodoo spellcraft and spellwork practitioner