Miss Aida

Author - Psychic - Spellcaster - Rootworker - Witch

Doll Babies

Cursing, Crossing, and Breakups

Born into a family with a long history of spiritual practices: Santeria, Brujeria, Palo, etc. magic has always been a part of Miss Aida's life. Her family and friends of her family practised magic on an ongoing basis.

While young, she was taught how to readily fix problems through magic. So, to her, it was just a normal way of life that everybody did in their households.

Many experienced Santeros and Witches have identified Miss Aida as a natural intuitive and medium and she has been talking to spirits since she was a baby.

Miss Aida has had numerous spiritual initiations as well as being a certified Root Worker who is also privy to many secrets of other paths. Although she is a Christian, her magical practices are eclectic and varied.

As a hoodoo practitioner, Miss Aida is a justified, talented, and honest worker with a well-rounded knowledge of both hoodoo and conjure. She specializes in eradicating spiritual intrusions, establishing spiritual protection for clients, bindings, crossings, cursing, success, road opening, animal and pet health matters, attraction, and love work.

First and foremost she is a passionate animal lover. She is also a Registered Nurse and holds a Master’s Degree. Her mother was from Cuba and her father’s roots are from Greece (Spartans). 

Miss Aida is selective about whom she will assist and will only work with those who are serious and committed. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and welcomes clients who speak either language.

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 With over 40 years of practice, I am dedicated to doing my best so that you are able to get what you need and deserve.